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Glass Greenhouse
Our glass greenhouse, also called glasshouse and glass building provides modern appearance, stable structure, high intensity and over 90% light transmission, especially suitable for those places with less sunshine.

Structural Characteristics of Glass Greenhouse
1. Venlo structure
2. Span: 8M/9.6M/12M, Bay size: 3.2M/4M, Section: 4M/4.5M,
3. Gutter height: 3-5.5M
4. Wind load: 0.6 KN/M2, Snow load: 0.4 KN/M2, Max. Tonnage: 150M3/H
5. Cover: Single layer or double layer glass cover, float or tempered glass, 4mm/5mm thickness, fitted by special aluminum profiles together with sealed band.
6. Trinog-xs glass greenhouse features an advanced well-sealed aluminum gutter design.
7. High quality steel structure and long service life. All main parts of the horticulture building are galvanized by hot dipping. This ensures an excellent anti-corrosion performance.
8. Prefabricated structure. All the parts of this commercial glass greenhouse can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts, bolts and nuts, without any welding point that can damage the zinc coating on the material, thus producing outstanding corrosion resistance.
9. All parts and components of our glass greenhouses come in standardization production.
10. Ventilation: single roof vents or double roof vents, controlled by rack and pinion system

Sketch Map
Sketch Map

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