Fan and Pad Evaporative Cooling System

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Generally speaking, an ideal environment for the growth of plants is that with moderate temperature of 20-25℃ and humidity of 50-70%. In hot summer days, however, heat radiation and thermal conduction can make the temperature in the greenhouse higher than that outside. So, effective climate control system should be used in the greenhouse to obtain good yield. Fan and pad evaporative cooling system is the most inexpensive and efficient way to cool down the temperature in greenhouse in summer.

The cooling system applies evaporation theory. That is, when water is pumped to the cooling pad, hot air outside is sucked by the fan and passes the cooling pads at the same time; the water on the pad vaporizes and cools down the temperature in the greenhouse. The evaporative cooling system consists of paper cooling pads, water circulation system, exhaust fan and aluminum framework. In addition, the lower the humidity in the greenhouse is, the better the effect of the cooling pads will be.

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