Mushroom Farm (for Enoki Mushroom)

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Trinog-xs Greenhouse Tech specializes in providing mushroom producers with highly-efficient and eco-friendly mushroom farm for enoki mushroom. Our one stop solution for mushroom production factory includes project planning, design and feasibility study, modern mushroom production equipment, mushroom growing technology, etc.

Owning industry-leading mushroom growing technology, we are capable of helping produce many types of mushrooms, including button mushroom, oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom, enoki mushroom, etc.; lots of other edible fungus are also available. Just contact us and tell us about your desired mushroom varieties, our technical advisers will offer you the best mushroom cultivation solution.

Cultivation Process
I. Raw Materials Stirring
The nutritionally balanced organic raw materials serve as the ideal growth media for mushrooms.
II. Fermentation of Raw Material (Substrate)
III. Put the substrate on growing bed
IV. Spawning
Add the fungal mycelia to the substrate.
V. Bedding
Transfer the mixture of mycelia and substrate to growing beds or trays.
VI. Casing and Pinning
Spread the peat moss made casing over the mushroom bed to supply mushrooms with moisture. The mushroom mycelia will grow together and form thick white rhizomorphs during the pinning stage.
VII. Harvesting
After a period of 16-35 days, mushrooms are ready to get harvested by hand.

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