Mushroom Farm (for Button Mushroom)

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As a professional modern mushroom cultivation solution provider, we supply mushroom production factory with advanced button mushroom farm and one stop solution including project planning, design and feasibility study, and mushroom production technology.

Our strong technical force allows us to help mushroom growers produce all kinds of mushrooms, such as button mushroom, oyster mushroom, shiitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom, enoki mushroom, and other edible fungus according to customer specific requirements. Please simply let us know your desired mushroom varieties, we can provide the exact mushroom growing facility you are looking for!

Production Process
I. Raw Materials Stirring
The substrate provides a nutritional balance of organic material to serve as a growth medium for mushrooms.
II. Fermentation of Raw Materials (Substrate)
III. Put the substrate on growing bed
IV. Spawning
Mix the mushroom spawn with the substrate.
V. Bedding
Transfer the mushroom spawn mixture to several hundred beds or trays.
VI. Casing and Pinning
The peat moss made casing spread over the mushroom bed is used to moisturize the mushrooms. During the pinning stage, the mushroom pins will push up through the casing layer.
VII. Harvesting
Mushrooms can be harvested after 16-35 days.

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