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    1. Intelligent Control SystemThe computer controlled system and weather station can intelligently control all kinds of equipment in the greenhouse to maintain a comfortable environment for plants. Inquiry Form
    1. Light Supplementary SystemThe greenhouse designed to grow flowers and seedlings requires a light supplementary system. When the illumination is lower than the required volume, the lighting system will start to work. Inquiry Form
    1. CO2 Supplement SystemIn the modern greenhouse, especially during winter, the CO2 level has a big difference between day and night due to the closed environment. Inquiry Form
    1. Heating SystemThere are two common ways to heat the greenhouse up. One is hydronic heating way. It heats by boiler and hot water pipes. This type of greenhouse heating system is perfect for cold areas which require heating for long periods in one year. Inquiry Form
    1. Circulation FanCirculation fan, also referred to as circulating fan, air circulation fan, air circulator, air flow fan, is often used in greenhouses to keep the air inside flowing to form a micro air circulation. Inquiry Form
    1. Misting SystemMisting system, also called mist cooling system, fogging system or fog system, is mainly used to cool down the temperature in greenhouse and increase humidity as well. Inquiry Form
    1. Irrigation SystemTrinog-xs greenhouse irrigation system or watering system is a unique system designed to ensure maximum water saving, combining high quality, affordability and ease of installation. Inquiry Form

Trinog-xs is a Chinese professional greenhouse contractor. In addition to greenhouse, we also offer the following products for greenhouse construction such as greenhouse shading system, greenhouse ventilation system, greenhouse bench / seed bed, among others.

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