A-Frame Hydroponic System

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Our A-frame hydroponic system is a cultivation system using DFT technique. A-shaped vertical bed and PVC tray are used for the construction of the system, which allows a 20-30% increase of the usage space for cultivation.

Nowadays, people attach increasing importance to food security and sustainable environment for living. As pollution caused by the agriculture planting gets worse and arable land reduces, soilless cultivation, with many advantages, becomes more and more popular in the world. Our A-frame hydroponic system is a great case in point using this technology.

Advantages of Soilless Cultures
Safe, saving land and water, saving labor, saving fertilizer and pesticide, high yield and high quality, not subject to natural climate conditions, no continuous cropping obstacles.

If you need hydroponic equipment, you can find the materials produced by Trinog-xs for 5 types of growing systems which are popular hydroponic systems in the present world.

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