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    1. PC Greenhouse / Polycarbonate Greenhouse

      Our PC greenhouse, referred to as polycarbonate greenhouse is a type of pc greenhouse / polycarbonate greenhouse.

    1. Glass Greenhouse

      Our glass greenhouse, also called glasshouse and glass building provides modern appearance, stable structure, high intensity.

    1. EU Film Greenhouse

      The EU style film greenhouse is also known as plastic film greenhouse or plastic greenhouse. It comes with superior performances while providing modern appearance.

    1. EM Film Greenhouse

      Here at Trinog-xs, as a specialist greenhouse manufacturer in China, we offer customers an EM style film greenhouse. This is an economical multi-span greenhouse.

    1. TU Film Greenhouse

      Now, we are sharing our TU style film greenhouse with you. This film greenhouse features simple structure, easy assembly, low cost and no need for foundation.

    1. Net Greenhouse

      The net greenhouse is characterized by economical design, striking appearance, high intensity, easy assembly, long service life and ideal suitability for high temperature area.

    1. Fan and Pad Evaporative Cooling System

      Generally speaking, an ideal environment for the growth of plants is that with moderate temperature of 20-25℃ and humidity of 50-70%.

    1. Greenhouse Shading System

      Inner shading system: in summer, the shade nets will reflect part of the sunshine and let it diffuse evenly on the plants.

    1. Intelligent Control System

      The computer controlled system and weather station can intelligently control all kinds of equipment in the greenhouse to maintain a comfortable environment for plants.

    1. Light Supplementary System

      The greenhouse designed to grow flowers and seedlings requires a light supplementary system. When the illumination is lower than the required volume, the lighting system will start to work.

    1. CO2 Supplement System

      In the modern greenhouse, especially during winter, the CO2 level has a big difference between day and night due to the closed environment.

    1. Heating System

      There are two common ways to heat the greenhouse up. One is hydronic heating way. It heats by boiler and hot water pipes. This type of greenhouse heating system is perfect for cold areas which require heating for long periods in one year.

    1. Circulation Fan

      Circulation fan, also referred to as circulating fan, air circulation fan, air circulator, air flow fan, is often used in greenhouses to keep the air inside flowing to form a micro air circulation.

    1. Misting System

      Misting system, also called mist cooling system, fogging system or fog system, is mainly used to cool down the temperature in greenhouse and increase humidity as well.

    1. Irrigation System

      Trinog-xs greenhouse irrigation system or watering system is a unique system designed to ensure maximum water saving, combining high quality, affordability and ease of installation.

    1. A-Frame Hydroponic System

      Our A-frame hydroponic system is a cultivation system using DFT technique.

    1. Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System

      The ebb and flow hydroponic system, also called flood and drain hydroponic system, is engineered from plastic bed, aluminum frame and galvanized steel support etc.

    1. NFT Hydroponic Channels

      Trinog-xs NFT hydroponic channels obtain great popularity due to their ease of use, unique design, high efficiency and versatility.

    1. Raft Hydroponic System

      As a leading cultivation system supplier, Trinog-xs also offers a type of raft hydroponic system.

    1. Media-based System

      If you are looking for a cultivation system to plant long-term vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, capsicum, melons, etc.

    1. Greenhouse Bench / Seed Bed

      The greenhouse bench and seed bed is a great choice for growing potted plants to make better use of the greenhouse area.

    1. Trellis System

      Trinog-xs supplies greenhouse trellis system to help support your plants throughout their life cycle. This trellising system can be built by a variety of accessories including hooks, clips, stem clips, truss supports, etc.

    1. Special System

      We offer solutions for special system like garden centers, ecotypic restaurants, fish pond covers, parking sheds, livestock shelter covers, etc. Structure and specifications can be customized.

Trinog-xs is a professional greenhouse manufacturer and supplier in China. Our wide range of products include plastic greenhouse, glass greenhouse, TU film greenhouse, EM film greenhouse, net greenhouse, greenhouse shading system, and more.

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